KnowAll Theme by HeroThemes


Do you like the look and feel of this website? It is KnowAll theme by HeroThemes. Learn more about how to set it up in the Webinar and the course. If you want to learn more about the awesome features this theme offers, read on:

Your knowledge base provides answers 24/7, even when you’re not around. 

Always Available Support

By offering self-service support with a knowledge base customers can help themselves without having to raise a support ticket. KnowAll frees up time for you and your team.


Instant Answers

KnowAll offers instant answers to your customers queries. They will love getting help without having to wait for a response from a support agent.


Easily customize KnowAll to reflect your company’s brand. Change the logo, colors and more in a click. No coding knowledge required.

Get the KnowAll theme now! Build your own Knowledge Base quickly and provide answers 24/7.

Looks great on any device

KnowAll looks fantastic on desktop, laptop, tablets and phones. So your customers can access your knowledge base whatever device they use.


Actionable Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard allows you to review the key success criteria for your knowledge base, without the need for additional tools. Understand your visitors and make your content better.

Article Feedback

Know which articles are helping your users and which need improving. With our feedback tools your visitors can rate and leave feedback on articles.

Search Analytics

Know exactly what your visitors are searching for, what they need help with, and what content they’re not finding. No more guessing what articles to write, your visitors will tell you!

Get the KnowAll theme now! Build your own Knowledge Base quickly and provide answers 24/7.

KnowAll from HeroThemes is the ultimate Knowledge Base theme for WordPress. It comes pre-packaged with all the tools to setup and manage a successful support center. Reduce support tickets and have happier Customers

KnowAll is developed by HeroThemes, the number #1 knowledge base theme and plugin developers for WordPress. HeroThemes products are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, thanks to dedicated one-to-one support and focused design.

Heroic Knowledge Base is packaged with KnowAll, it is the ultimate Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress. Offering some amazing knowledge base functionality, including analytics, knowledge base tools and dedicated widgets.


Purposeful Knowledge Base Design

Focused Design

KnowAll puts the knowledge base content front and center. On the homepage, the categories are displayed. Category icons give strong visual presence to your knowledge base while presenting a clean, intuitive design.

Instant Answers

Live search makes content discoverable in seconds, meaning users can get answers quicker than ever. Tag and category search is also supported.

Table of Contents

The table of contents makes navigating articles easy, it automatically detects headers in your articles and creates a navigation menu widget in the sidebar. It can be set to sticky, following the content and giving visual cues for longer articles.

Key Features

KnowAll is a knowledge base, wiki, FAQ theme for WordPress and comes packed with the following features:

  • Separate knowledge base article posts,
  • Article attachments,
  • Article view count metrics,
  • Custom categories,
  • Custom tags,
  • Custom slugs and urls,
  • Custom knowledge base sidebar,
  • WPML multilingual and multi language compatible,
  • Special knowledge base widgets,
  • Article voting,
  • Analytics dashboard,
  • User access control.